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Anders B. Christensen Ph.D
Anders B. Christensen Ph.DCEO
Director R&D Anders B. Christensen has a M.Sc in immunology from the university of Southern Denmark and a Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology from Copenhagen University.

Dr. Christensen has a 20+ years career in the biopharmaceutical industry, has expertise in microbiology, molecular biology and Biopharmaceutical process development / validation and is leading a research team working with enteric encapsulations. Dr. Christensen is main inventor of the two component encapsulation technology, which forms the basis of Apillets ApS proprietary technology.

Carsten Petersen Ph.D
Carsten Petersen Ph.DCFO
Carsten Lunde Petersen has a M. Sc. In mathematics and physics and a Ph. D. in mathematical field of dynamical systems from Aarhus University.

Dr. Petersen has 20+ years of experience with mathematical modelling, project management and transdisciplinary collaboration in science . Dr. Petersen is Assoc. prof. at Roskilde University, CEO of APILLET ApS and co-inventor of the two component encapsulation technology, which forms the basis of the company’s proprietary technology.

Advisory Board

Francisco Miguel Portela da Gama
Francisco Miguel Portela da GamaScientific Advisor
Miguel da Gama has a MSc Biochemical Engineering from Lisbon Technical University

A PhD in Biological Engineering from Minho University and a habilitation on Biocompatibility at Minho University.

Dr. Miguel Gama has 20+ years of experience with production, characterization and applications of Bacterial cellulose in food technology and biomedical applications and on cellulose enzymatic degradation.

Dr. Gama published around 260 papers and has a h-index of 45 (Google academics), being recognized as a world leading expert on bacterial cellulose science & technology.

Dr. Gama is the Head of the FUNCARB group at Minho University since 2000 and co-founder of Satisfibre, a spinoff holding intellectual property on bacterial cellulose based technologies and know how related to its large scale production.

Fernando Dourado
Fernando DouradoScientific Advisor
Fernando Dourado has degree in Biological Engineering, a MSc in Environmental Technology, and a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering, from University of Minho.

He is currently an Assistant Researcher at Minho University. He is the co-author of several book chapters, and author/co-author of over 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Dourado is the co-editor of the book “Bacterial Nanocellulose: from biotechnology to bio-economy“ (2015, Elsevier) and the co-organizer of the “4th International Symposium on Bacterial Nanocellulose”.

Dr. Dourado has been engaging on bioprocess development, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder and member of the administration board of the spin-off Satisfibre, S.A. from Centre for Biological engineering CEB at University of Minho.

Dr. Dourado has specialized on the large-scale production  of bacterial cellulose and in the procurement of market applications for bacterial cellulose.

Michael Plougmann
Michael PlougmannStrategic Advisor
25+ years of experience in management, business innovation and commercialization.
HC Frandsen
HC FrandsenFinancial advisor
20+ years of experience in business development of companies and organizations.
Lars Kjerrumgaard
Lars Kjerrumgaard
Lars Kjerrumgaard holds a Master of Science degree in chemistry and is a European Patent Attorney with over 30 years of experience working as a patent & IP consultant, including 14 years of experience working as in-house patent attorney for pharma and biotech companies in Denmark.
Lars is founder and co-owner of Nex & Phister Law & IP which was started back in 2009, with main focus on providing patent & IP consulting to small companies and upstart companies within life science.