Leaves, a symbol of nature captured within a transparent capsule. Graphic illustration.

Tomorrow’s enteric encapsulations made from nature’s materials

Apillet has developed APIVault and NutraVault, patented gastro-resistant enteric encapsulation platforms usable for many types of compounds – with significant benefits for patients, authorities, and the health sector in general.
APIVault and NutraVault protect orally delivered pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals from the hostile stomach environment, providing secure delivery in the intestine.
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Unique Value proposition:

No other product with similar properties on the market.


The patented encapsulations allow producers to design a plentitude of new innovative products with patent protection.


Users will benefit from completely new treatments, from the natural food grade materials and from oral intake in place of injections.


Public health and society will benefit from new treatments, better adherence to treatment plans.

Our Products:

APIVault encapsulations have a broad use-case platform in oral delivery of Biopharmaceuticals and Sensitive pharmaceuticals.

NutraVault encapsulations have an extensive use-case platform in oral delivery of Nutraceuticals, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Enzyme therapeutics and Supplements.

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